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Shiroka Laka is situated in the Central Rhodope Mountains, only 12 km away from the Pamporovo ski resort. The village of Shiroka Laka has been declared an architectural and folklore conservation area. The name Shiroka Laka originates from Old Bulgarian and means a wide bend or a wide river bank.

The arched bridges over the Shiroka Laka River are one of the famous sights at Shiroka Laka and were built by famous master builders. The typical Rhodopean style can be seen in the old houses. They have two storeys, oriels, thick stone walls, stone drinking fountains, wooden staircase and small windows.

The Holy Mother of God Church in Shiroka Laka was built in 1834 in only 38 days and has a unique iconostasis supposedly painted by disciples of the Dimitar and Zahari Zograf brothers or even by the brothers themselves. The old monastery school of Shiroka Laka is located right next to the church.

The National School of Folklore Arts (NUFI Shiroka laka), founded in 1971, is also located in Shiroka Laka. The songs of Shiroka Laka, performed under the accompanying sound of kaba gaida, are quite famous.

Pesponedelnik gathering takes place on the first Sunday of March. Kukers walk around the village to drive the evil away from it and away from the houses and the souls of people.

Many marked tourist routes start from Shiroka Laka towards: the Izgrev Mountain Hostel (5 hours), the Perelik Mountain Hostel (3,30 hours), the Lednitsata Mountain Hostel (4 hours) and others.

Shiroka Laka is an ideal place for village tourism and ecotourism year round. The nature, the authentic architecture, the clean air, the conifer woods all contribute to the indescribable atmosphere of the village. Visit Shiroka Laka to enjoy real Rhodopean hospitality.

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