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Guest rooms "Vasilka" - village of Shiroka laka


Guest Rooms Vasilka is situated in the village of Shiroka Laka, which has gathered in itself all the freshness, spirit and colour of the Rhodope Mountains. Vasilka Guest Rooms offers accommodation at three double rooms, each with its own private bathroom. All rooms in the house have a gorgeous panoramic view towards Shiroka Laka. Free Wi-Fi Internet access is provided in every room. The guests have at their disposal a fully equipped tavern (mehana) with all the necessary amenities - a fireplace, a barbecue grill, a fridge, an oven with electric hot plates, cookware, a coffee machine and a TV. Guest Rooms Vasilka offers discounts if you spend multiple nights there. Visit the village of Shiroka Laka for your holiday at any time of the year.